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Our story begins with an unexpected discovery.
It is the winter of 1992 when an ancient artifact is found in a cavity of Iglesias’ Santa Chiara Cathedral.
Analyses immediately reveal that it was the central part of a “Candlestick,” one of the monumental holy tapers associated with the offering that the city used to dedicate to the Virgin. They are also covered in the Breve di Villa di Chiesa (ancient name for the city of Iglesias), the city’s centuries-old collection of laws, issued in 1280.
Almost seven centuries later, History is knocking at the door again, and it is impossible not to heed its call.
Immediately, the very first committee of the Blessed Virgin Assumption Candlestick Association set in motion and thanks to the participation of the entire population, funds were raised for the reconstruction of the first candlestick.

the history of the Candlesticks

On August 15, 1993, the Candlestick of Sancta Chiara paraded – again – through the streets of its city.
In the year 1994, the Candlesticks of the Castello district and the Gremio dei Vinajuoli were reconstructed.
In 1995, the Candlesticks of the Mezo district and the Mountain Gremio also joined.
Immediately following this, Fontana (1996), Universitas (1997) and that of Laboratories (1998) also saw the light again.
There are a total of eight Candlesticks; University of Villa (the city as a whole), one for each of the four historic districts (Santa Chiara, Mezo, Fontana and Castello) and three Gremi or Corporations (Workers, Montagna and Viniajuoli).
The Association is constantly working to organize and promote an event with values, not only religious, but also historical and cultural. The event unites the town’s residents every year and attracts hundreds of tourists, enraptured by the charm of its centuries-old tradition.